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7:15AM; Jongkey
Title; 7:15AM
Pairing; Jongkey
Rating; NC-15
Genre; Fluff, au
Summary; Jonghyun spents the morning with his favorite muse.

7:15 AM

By the time Key's alarm begins buzzing on the nightstand, he's already half awake. The lack of warmth beside him is unsettling enough to stir him awake. Key huffs,digging his chin into his pillow, small puffs of his own breath pushing his bleached blond strands, or golden halo as a particular someone calls it, of hair from his eyes. A few damaged bits flitter back into his face until he's forced to reach a hand up to run through his fringe.

"Jonghyun?" Key stretches his arms behind him to roll the stiffness out of his shoulders, nimble fingers wrapping around the bars of the wrought iron bed frame. "Jonghyun...?" He tries again, hoping his second, louder attempt would reward him.


"Bastard," Key mutters, tugging the duvet over his head childishly. The blanket still holds the faint smell of sweat and last night's sex and the cologne Jonghyun wore, a present from Key. Key takes a fraction of a second to bask in the nostalgia of the memories of only a few hours prior.

Again, Key sighs, already pouty lips twisting into a sour expression. He knows he shouldn't be so bratty, especially so early in the morning, but when he is so used to waking up with a still unconscious boyfriend next to him, he forgets what it's like to wake up alone. Jonghyun is always there when his eyes open, either on his back snoring obnoxiously with his hand draped over the chiseled abs beneath his shirt, conceited even in his dreams, or on his side, hanging onto Key like some sort of sloth/puppy hybrid. Key likes the first better, partially because Jonghyun looks absolutely adorable, but mostly because it meant that Key didn't have to masterfully work his way out of Jonghyun's iron grip and the bed sheets that the two manage to wrap around their legs in their slumber.

Key spends another few minutes beneath the blanket, soaking up his own warmth before poking his head from the cocoon. He reaches for his cellphone, finally kicking the sheets off when he's sees it's already 7:28. Key has class at nine, but he can't be bothered with attending today. No one would miss him anyway, except for Nicole, and maybe Taemin, the first-year who could always be found in the dance room. Taemin had his boyfriend to keep him company, Minho or something along those lines. Key couldn't be bothered with him. Minho was too gangly and frog-eyed for Key to pay him any mind.

It takes Key only a few minutes to wash up, first only washing his face but settling for a shower instead. There's dried sweat in his hair and a sticky patch of dried come on his stomach. Jonghyun told Key that he had licked it off, but it was obvious now that was hardly the case. Key laughs softly and shakes his head as he steps into the shower, hot water warming his bones.

It's 8:03 when Key slips into his favorite shirt, one Jonghyun purchased for him at a concert. It's two sizes too big and it slides off one shoulder, but Key loves it anyway. Because it's one of the first things Jonghyun bought him.

Key sits back on the bed, clad in only a shirt and boxers, crossing his legs. He drops a fresh towel onto his head, gently rubbing circles to dry his hair. He doesn't feel like using a hair dryer today. Key's movements stop though, as a pair of strong, rough hands set over his. He drops his hands into his lap and the other hands, Jonghyun's hands, take over the task.

For the first few seconds, no words were exchanged. Key breaks the silence.

"Where were you?"

"Hm? Oh, I woke up early," Jonghyun could feel Key's incredulous expression and continues. "No, seriously. I got up early. I felt inspired, and I couldn't let it get away. You're the perfect muse, Kibummie, even when you're sleeping."

Key smiles at the nickname. He hated his given name. Kibum, it was boring, ordinary. Most everyone uses Key,however, when Jonghyun speaks his name, it's a thousand shades of amazing. In the beginning, Key refused to tell him his real name, even made the poor boy figure it out for himself, but it was worth it because Key all but melted when Jonghyun happily chirped his names for the first time.

His mind then drifts to what Jonghyun said. Key is his muse; Jonghyun says it all the time. Jonghyun is a freelance musician, desperately trying to make it big in the music business. Key believes in Jonghyun's talent, not because he is his boyfriend, but because Jonghyun truly has raw passion for music. The older boy can pull inspiration from nearly anything, and if left to his own devices, can write music and a song to boot. His music is almost enough to move Key to tears at times, if Key was the sort of person to wear his emotions on his sleeve (which he wasn't).

"Thanks..." Key murmurs, but he's preoccupied, with the sound of Jonghyun's breathing.

Jonghyun moves the towel from Key's head at ten after eight. He ropes the cloth around Key's neck and forces him closer that way. Key moves first, head poking forward to close the distance between their lips, tongues mingling expertly.

The kiss doesn't end until 8:14 and their hearts don't slow until 8:18. As soon as they catch their breath, they're at it again. This time, Jonghyun drops the towel and pushes Key back against the mattress, straddling his thin waist, a single hand roaming down, down, down to Key's thigh, lifting his leg until Key can wrap it comfortably around Jonghyun. Key runs his tongue over Jonghyun's lips and it's invitation enough for Jonghyun to tug off Key's boxers.

At 8:32, clothes are forgotten. They were minimal to begin with, but now, now there wasn't a thing separating the two. No pesky shirts to protect their chests, no nuisance underwear to block what both men wanted to get to. Skin against skin was always the best. Neither male was shy about skinship. Sex was not foreign to them.

Key is falling back to sleep in the warmth of Jonghyun's protective grasp by the time 9:00 rolled around. With Jonghyun whispering sweet nothings in Key's ear, breath warming the numerous pieces on the lobe, class was long forgotten by Key. Jonghyun doesn't make a move to remind the blond, knowing perfectly well that Key should have left twenty minutes ago.

It's Key who is the first to break the silence again, on the verge of consciousness and dream.

"You treat your muses well, Jonghyun," he pats his boyfriend's chest before allowing his fingers to curl into a loose fist, nails dragging over the naturally tan skin. Their complexions contrast, yet compliment each other so well.

Jonghyun chuckles. It's a deep rumble in his chest that Key fell in love with. His laugh is deep, yet light, full of emotion. Key adores it.

9:32 comes and goes. Key is the first asleep. Jonghyun follows soon after, Key's slow, even breathing enough to coax him back to dreamland.

Key awakes to the sound of a guitar. He is used to the noise of the instrument that he isn't jolted awake by it, but slowly nudged awake. Jonghyun can play the entire night and Key wouldn't even stir in the bedroom just down the hall from the living room.

The living room is Jonghyun's makeshift office, saying something about the acoustics being the best in there over the guest bedroom. Now, the living room is overrun by notebook sheets and loose guitar picks and the occasional empty beer bottle that Jonghyun is keeps him focused. Key doesn't argue.

Jonghyun is settled on the couch, acoustic guitar in his lap when Key shuffles him. Key grins. In the past, he's spent numerous rainy and sunny days alike sandwiched between the worn out guitar and Jonghyun's chest, sheepishly strumming as Jonghyun held the proper frets. Some days, he would trap Key there and sing and, God, did Key believe he had the voice of an angel.

Jonghyun notices Key in the doorway as he opens his eyes. Within seconds, he beckons Key over to sit in his lap, Key's favorite seat in the house (although he'd never admit it). Key scurries toward him, easily settling between his boyfriend's legs, slouched just low enough for Jonghyun to place his chin atop Key's head, hair still ruffled from his nap.

Key wants to tell Jonghyun how much he loves him, kiss him until their lips are raw, pupils blown with lust and love alike. But Jonghyun already knows. He knows how much Key cares about him and returns the feelings twofold. Key could tell him again, he could break the blissful silence, but Key doesn't want to. Not this time. When Jonghyun places the guitar in Key's lap, he all but forgets how to speak.

Key runs his hands down the center of the guitar's fretboard, carefully evading his fingers as to not disturb his playing. His eyes shift up as the clock strikes noon, chimes intertwining with the riff Jonghyun played.

Most people would say the morning was wasted, but to Jonghyun, the morning is perfection.

Any morning he could laze around with his muse is a morning well spent.

This was transferred from my AFF account, with a few minor changes.

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