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Toxic. ;; Jongkey
title; toxic.
pairing; jongkey
rating; pg-13
Genre; fluff, i guess.
word count; 590
summary; rum soaked pretty pink lips, killer hips and clothes that reek of cigarette smoke.

(a/n: this is my take on lapslock. personally, i’ve never used it, but i feel like it gives a nostalgic kind of feeling to writing – if you can get past autocorrect correcting everything after you’ve typed it.)


rum soaked pretty pink lips, killer hips and clothes that reek of cigarette smoke. that's kim kibum in a nutshell, jonghyun decides one hazy morning while kibum stationed himself out on the balcony to puff away like a chimney. he's absolutely toxic, in more ways than one. jonghyun can't help but be enthralled with him. kibum is everything jonghyun isn't; the two are like night and day. jonghyun loves it.

kibum is loud, fiery and self-reliant. jonghyun isn't. he leans on his parents more than any twenty-five year old should. kibum is tall and broad and lean. jonghyun is stout with fingers that are barely half as pretty as kibum's and slim shoulders inherited from his mother. his skin is tan while kibum's is anything but. it’s ten shades of beautiful, clearer than porcelain doll’s complexion. kibum chooses expensive designer label brands while jonghyun is content in a t-shirt and jeans from the thrift store. kibum likes do drink the fancy stuff like rum and flavored vodka (he's a borderline alcoholic jonghyun has learned), but jonghyun is fine with beer or convenience store soju that makes his tongue burn. kibum likes the morning (when he's not hungover), but jonghyun likes the night (when kibum isn't drunk).

but somehow they work. somehow, jonghyun doesn't go crazy from kibum's antics and kibum doesn't tire of average joe jonghyun and move onto bigger and better things (things jonghyun knows that exist for him). kibum doesn't care that jonghyun sleeps with his eyes half open, and jonghyun doesn't mind how long kibum hogs the bathroom on a daily basis. jonghyun thinks it's cute that kibum always laughs a little too loud and a little too hard for every situation. kibum adores that jonghyun always smiles wide (no matter the reason), wide enough to flaunt his pearly bottom teeth. kibum looks dumb if he mimics the smile (he's tried in the mirror when he’s considerably frustrated with jonghyun’s one in a million grin), and he's not too fond of his front teeth either. his teeth aren't as straight as jonghyun's. but that's okay because jonghyun loves them anyway.

jonghyun likes jazz music and the guitar. kibum likes pop that grates jonghyun's nerves and synthesized voices. but he likes jonghyun's voice too. he likes jonghyun's speaking voice and his singing voices and the little 'um' and 'uh' that accompany his outward thoughts. jonghyun likes listening to kibum and watching the little nods of his head, confident little gestures that set his words in stone. there's passion, confidence in everything he says. jonghyun doesn’t always have that confidence.

jonghyun's parents think he's crazy for loving someone like kibum. kibum's parents don't even know of the relationship between them. kibum never talks to them. he tells jonghyun that they're toxic to him. just like he's toxic to jonghyun. but jonghyun only smiles at that and hugs kibum tight around his middle. kibum doesn't care for sweet nothings, but jonghyun whispers them anyway. kibum thinks they're not too bad when it's jonghyun saying them. they're better from his lips. they aren't nothing.
kibum may taste like cigarettes and rum, but beneath all the nicotine and alcohol, he's distinctively kibum. kim kibum. jonghyun has tasted kibum so many times that he can dig beneath those synthetic tastes as his tongue pushes past the seam of kibum's plush lips. jonghyun takes those killer hips into his calloused hands and kisses those pretty pink lips. kibum's fancy clothes still smell of smoke, but they're gone so fast that jonghyun doesn't really mind.


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