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Here's a list of my fanfiction. Most of these fics can be traced back to my AFF under the same name, but I'm trying to get myself away from that website because the illiteracy makes me cringe. Also, this is 100% jongkey at the moment, but I'm going to attempt to broaden my horizons, so feel free to send me prompts/requests with any pairing.

Metal. ;; Jonghyun decies to get his nipples pierced.
Armrests. ;; Jonghyun thinks he's entitled to both armrests.
Relentless. ;; Jonghyun is feeling playful, but Key has work to get done.
7:15AM. ;; Jonghyun spents the morning with his favorite muse.
Toxic. ;; rum soaked pretty pink lips, killer hips and clothes that reek of cigarette smoke.


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