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Armrests; Jongkey
Title; Armrests
Pairing; Implied Jongkey
Rating; PG
Genre; Fluff, AU
Word Count; 988
Summary; Jonghyun thinks he's entitled to both armrests.
A/N; This comes from the whole thing about Jonghyun at the movies with a girl. Instead of wondering if they were dating, I started wondering if Jonghyun is one of those people that takes armrests at the movies. It's just a short little thing.

Jonghyun can't say he's a fan of movie theaters. Sticky floors aren't really his thing and the butter popcorn just screams health hazard. There's always that one family with a child who's fit to be in a cage rather than out in public and someone taller than Jonghyun (not that he is short) never fails to take the seat in front of him, rendering it useless as a foot rest also.

Movie theaters really aren't his cup of tea.

But every so often, there is one movie that's worth seeing before the dreaded wait for it to come out on DVD. And with movies like that, Jonghyun makes an exception and push his hatred of theaters to the back of his mind for two hours (or one hundred sixty-two minutes, not that he checked the exact length of the movie) to enjoy the flick.

So he does. Jonghyun chooses his seat wisely, coming early just to grab that one sacred seat in the center of the last row. No one can kick his seat from behind and not a soul could block his view of the screen. Anyone leaving or entering the room wouldn't pose as a distraction.


Jonghyun leans back happily, resting his elbows on both armrests. It's his way of politely saying choose a different seat, you're not sitting next to me without actually saying it.

Of course when a large soda is placed in the cup holder next to him right after the lights go down and the previews begin, he glares at the owner. He can't tell if it's a man or a woman in the flashing lights of the snippets of the action flick, and the room goes dark again when the soda-owner spares Jonghyun a glance.

Once more, Jonghyun settles down in his seat, elbows retreating back to the armrests. He freezes when his elbow knocks into another, Soda-Owner's elbow. Jonghyun hopes he'll move, but he doesn't. Jonghyun feigns coughing into his hand (a trick he saw on Twitter to get your trusty arm rest back), but it doesn't work. Soda-Owner is too busy leaning over to whisper one of his friends in the cluster of three they entered in.

It isn't until about halfway through the movie (which is glorious, if you were wondering) that Soda-Owner stands and shuffles out of the aisle. Jonghyun finds out that it's a male when he hears him whisper apologies to two ahjummas as he passes them trying to get to the stairs.

Well, Jonghyun thinks, at least he has the decency to do that.

Even so, Soda-Owner's comes back in minutes with a bag of popcorn and once again compromises Jonghyun's comfort with his elbow.

Jonghyun's frustrated.

Jonghyun is muttering to himself (and tweeting) on his way out of the theater. He's contemplating on whether to commend the actors and producers on creating such a spectacular movie or belly ache about his situation involving the armrests.

He's in the midst of skillfully fitting both into one hundred-forty characters or less when someone stops in front of him.

For a minute, Jonghyun thinks the person knows him, but as his eyes drag up past the thick soled converse sneakers, the skinny jeans, the graphic tee to a pretty face, it hits Jonghyun that they've never met. Jonghyun is good at remembering faces, but Jonghyun is sure he's never seen this person before.

"Um. Yes?"

Jonghyun stares at the blond hair on the other's head a moment. It's light but not nearly as showy as Jonghyun's new platinum hair. Jonghyun revels in the fact for a moment.

"Who the hell takes both armrests at the movies?"

Jonghyun is thrown off guard by the sharp tongue from such a pretty person. He has an accent that Jonghyun can't place at the moment, but it causes his words to be even more bitter.


"Are you really that stupid? We were basically wrestling over the armrest for two and a half hours!"



"You'reSoda-Owner?" Jonghyun points toward the blond, only enraging him further. "Well, geez, I would have let you have the armrest. I didn't think you were so good-looking."

"Soda-Own-- Excuse me? Are you complimenting me right now?"

"Maybe," Jonghyun grins his specialty toothy grin, row of bottom teeth showing. "I'm certainly not insulting you."

Soda-Owner's cheeks tinge pink at that, and Jonghyun thinks it's cute. He's never really witnessed a man blush such a color before, but it's something he could get used to seeing if he had the chance.

"Seoul is obnoxious and so are the people who live here," he grumbles, looking absolutely frazzled by Jonghyun's friendliness. "Look, jerk. I suggest that if you go to the movies again, learn boundaries, okay? You aren't entitled to both armrests. Like, what the hell? Who does that?"

Jonghyun can't get another word out.

The attractive blond is already stomping away from him in those cute sneakers that seem too heavy for him toward his group of friends and, by the looks of it, he's ranting about what Jonghyun just said to him. Jonghyun doesn't mind though. The little glance he gets after a few seconds is worth it to him. Soda-Owner quickly adverts his eyes and frantically pushes his posse toward the doors when Jonghyun gives a wave.

Jonghyun never does learn Soda-Owner's name. He sees him around the theater occasionally (because now Jonghyun thinks that maybe movie theaters aren't so bad), but never has the balls to go up and introduce himself. It's the teenage girl in him, he supposes. Besides, it's much more fun just to sneak glances at the blond every chance he gets because sometimes (just sometimes) he catches the blond looking back.

If there is one thing that Jonghyun learns after his encounter with Soda-Owner, it's that, more times than not, the elbow that knocks into his leads to an attractive person.


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