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F(x); Pink Tape
I've totally fallen in love with Pink Tape.When I saw the teaser (the first teaser, mind you. Not Rum Pum Pum Pum), I was a little worried, but I actually loved Rum Pum Pum Pum when it came out, even if the name has perhaps one too many Pum's in it. Once the entire album came out, I was in love.

I thought Misconceptions of You (and maybe Me, a close second) was going to be the best album of the year. I thought Big Bang may give SHINee a run for their money when their new album was released, but with no word of any new songs, I was perfectly content with listening to SHINee over and over, which I've done since the album came out. Then, I listened to Pink Tape.

Holy shit.

Maybe I'm biased to begin with, since F(x) is my favorite girl group next to Brown Eyed Girls, and I probably would have liked basically anything the girls put out. But Pink Tape was really something else. I always felt like F(x) was a throwaway group to SM, but with this, I think they really shined. They actually made use of everyone. Not to mention that Sulli can finally look like the beauty she is without them dressing her in absolutely horrendous clothes.

Pretty Girl and Airplane are definitely gems in that album, along with Kick and Step. I think it's a solid album start to finish. And we even got a taste of Amber's songwriting ability, which I'm grateful for. Although... D.O. being in the album was a bit random, but hey, a nice surprise, I suppose. I need to read through the lyric translations too, because I can only understand about... ten words. From what I did read/hear/got the vibe from, some of the lyrics are kind of unsettling. Maybe they'll give me some fanfiction ideas, you never know.

And the packaging? It's so cute. On the Play Pink Music Spoiler... thing (we won't even get into that because that's a different post in itself, let's face it), I immediately put it on preorder. It should arrive soon. Finger crossed for a Sulli photocard. I think I'm going to put a few pictures of it up when it comes in the mail and walk through it a bit? I finally bought myself a nice camera, so I can do that type of thing now, like I've always wanted to. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll do it for other albums I have too...

So... yeah, just some food for thought on F(x).

If anyone actually reads this and bought the album, tell me what photocard you got. I think it's entertaining listening to the freakouts about the photocard people get. I think it's a certain satisfaction (or complete rage moment) only a kpop fan could ever understand.


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