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Relentless; Jongkey
Title; Relentless
Pairing; Jongkey
Rating; PG
Word Count; ?
Summary; Jonghyun is feeling playful, but Key has work to get done.

Key is lithe; tall and slim, skinny by some standards, but he's far from unhealthy. His body is toned just enough to suit his frame. Key does not have muscles, no rippling abs like Jonghyun (strength that he uses against Kibum on days he's feeling playful), just a gentle swell of muscle beneath the skin at his biceps and a flat stomach that leads into sharp hipbones. He has the body of a dancer, Jonghyun decides, even though Key hasn't danced with purpose since he was a teenager.

"Kibummie~." Jonghyun sings, finding Key at the dining room table, hands and faced covered in a light coating of chalk pastels that he is using.

"I can't entertain you right now, Jonghyun... I need to finish this project," Key doesn't look up from the canvas, focus moving only when he raises a clean knuckle to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Go away."

Jonghyun thinks Kibum is cute like this, covered in color like a child during art class, absorbed in his artwork before him, perfectly the already perfect abstract.

He loves watching Key work.

At times, the younger protests, but Jonghyun knows he's only teasing. Key takes those precious moments to shine in front of Jonghyun, though the other is already aware of his talent.

Today, Jonghyun is feeling lovey and walks behind Key, arms encircling his thin waist. His chest presses flush against Key's back. By the way he stiffened, Jonghyun realizes that they were close enough to pass boundaries.

"Jonghyun." Key's voice is warning.

Key dropped formalities long ago with Jonghyun. Not to say that the man is ill-mannered, Key is very polite when it's proper to be. Key firmly believes for the amount of time that they've been together, learning each other inside and out (literally and figuratively), the couple is passed the point of formalities. It would be a lie for Jonghyun to say that he minds it.

"You're so beautiful, Kibummie."

Key smiles at the soft words but still attempts to tug Jonghyun's arms away, pink fingerprints left in the wake. It becomes apparent that Key's actions are futile. Jonghyun is staying.

"Thank you, Jonghyun, but I really need to..." Key trails off, shuddering as he feels two thumbs press into his hipbones, beneath his shirt, fingernails leaving crescents in the pale flesh. "I'm going to smack you, Kim Jonghyun, and then you're going to have pastels on your face! I'll have you know that they're a bitch to get off, too."

Jonghyun moves his hands from Key's waist to his wrist, squeezing hard enough so Key drops the pastel stick he's hanging on to.

In a fluid movement, he pushes his hips forward, chest pressing more into Key's back, bending him over the table he's working out. Key's cheek narrowly misses the canvas.

Key laughs despite the situation, voice becoming shrill as Jonghyun begins to tickle Key along his oh-so-sensitive sides. Key is even more beautiful when he's laughing, no matter how obnoxious some may think the sound is. Jonghyun loves it. It's so... Key.

"I thought you said you didn't have time to play with me? Were you lying?"

Key splutters a few things that even Jonghyun can't decipher, but he did catch a few 'I hate you's' in response to his relentless tickles. Key squirms beneath him, breaking his wrists away and tucking them beneath him, between his stomach and the table.

Jonghyun wrestles Key down, nearly laying on top of the other to keep him in place. Key continues his hysterical laughter, so Jonghyun knows he isn't hurting him. Though he looked delicate, Key is nothing of the sort. He is fairly strong, but generally feigns weakness to allow Jonghyun to do the heavy lifting.

"Yah!" Key lets out a scream, still wiggling beneath Jonghyun. "Let me go already. I'm going to die!"

Jonghyun allows Key to suffer another moment or two before releasing the younger, automatically receiving a smack to the cheeks for his antics.

Sure enough, there are streaks of pink and green and blue on his cheek from Key's palm, noticed only later when he was scrubbing the chin until it was red.

Key's face is flushed from laughter as he turns back to his project, making a show of tightening his belt one notch before doing so.

"If you want to play so badly, save it for the bedroom."


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