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Here's a list of my fanfiction. Most of these fics can be traced back to my AFF under the same name, but I'm trying to get myself away from that website because the illiteracy makes me cringe. Also, this is 100% jongkey at the moment, but I'm going to attempt to broaden my horizons, so feel free to send me prompts/requests with any pairing.

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Toxic. ;; Jongkey
title; toxic.
pairing; jongkey
rating; pg-13
Genre; fluff, i guess.
word count; 590
summary; rum soaked pretty pink lips, killer hips and clothes that reek of cigarette smoke.

(a/n: this is my take on lapslock. personally, i’ve never used it, but i feel like it gives a nostalgic kind of feeling to writing – if you can get past autocorrect correcting everything after you’ve typed it.)


rum soaked pretty pink lips, killer hips and clothes that reek of cigarette smoke.Collapse )

Metal; Jongkey
Title; Metal
Pairing; Jongkey
Rating; PG-13 (Language)
Genre; AU, drabble
Word Count; 675
Summary; Jonghyun decides to get his nipples pierced.

'You're fucking ridiculous for actually doing this, Jonghyun.'Collapse )

Armrests; Jongkey
Title; Armrests
Pairing; Implied Jongkey
Rating; PG
Genre; Fluff, AU
Word Count; 988
Summary; Jonghyun thinks he's entitled to both armrests.
A/N; This comes from the whole thing about Jonghyun at the movies with a girl. Instead of wondering if they were dating, I started wondering if Jonghyun is one of those people that takes armrests at the movies. It's just a short little thing.

Jonghyun can't say he's a fan of movie theaters...Collapse )

F(x); Pink Tape
I've totally fallen in love with Pink Tape.Read more...Collapse )

Relentless; Jongkey
Title; Relentless
Pairing; Jongkey
Rating; PG
Word Count; ?
Summary; Jonghyun is feeling playful, but Key has work to get done.

Key is lithe; tall and slim, skinny by some standards, but he's far from unhealthy. Read more...Collapse )

7:15AM; Jongkey
Title; 7:15AM
Pairing; Jongkey
Rating; NC-15
Genre; Fluff, au
Summary; Jonghyun spents the morning with his favorite muse.

7:15 AM

By the time Key's alarm begins buzzing on the nightstand, he's already half awake. The lack of warmth beside him is unsettling enough to stir him awake. Key huffs,digging his chin into his pillow, small puffs of his own breath pushing his bleached blond strands, or golden halo as a particular someone calls it, of hair from his eyes. A few damaged bits flitter back into his face until he's forced to reach a hand up to run through his fringe.

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This was transferred from my AFF account, with a few minor changes.

Welcome to Me
For as long as I've been around on the internet, I haven't made a LJ. Well, I mean, I've had an account, but I never paid much mind to actually making a journal, but I decided to finally shape up and make one.

Mostly, I think I'm going to be posting fanfiction. AFF just wasn't cutting it for me, the website is just all around annoying anymore, so yeah. LJ it is.

I haven't sat down and looked through how to do everything on here, so I'll probably be lost for a little bit, but that's okay. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

If anyone is actually reading this (doubt it), my twitter and tumblr are under the same name (@chaosinglitter). I'm generally trolling around on twitter than anything else though.

Anyway. Hi.


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